Virtual secretariat in the center of Warsaw

We offer a virtual secretariat of your company with its own office facilities, secretarial services and IT infrastructure on one of the most prestigious streets of Warsaw at al. John Paul II.

Zadbamy o to, aby kontakt z Państwa firmą był zawsze możliwy, dzięki naszym usługom przekierowania i odbierania połączeń.

The Virtual Secretariat is a service for entrepreneurs who, wanting to improve the quality of services and the prestige of their company, need an individual (one or several) stationary or mobile phone number.

People calling to an assigned landline are greeted by an agreed greeting. You determine what information can be given to those who call you. Information about the content of the interview is provided to you after the call.

Virtual secretariat offer

  • HQ address,
  • address for standard post,
  • company name and logo outside the office to identify and locate the company for customers,
  • address can be placed on business cards, website, advertising materials,
  • office service - receiving and scanning of correspondence coming to the company,
  • sending correspondence to contractors,
  • room for work and meetings with clients (including office supplies, internet)
  • storage of company documents,
  • flexible period of renting and using services,
  • dedicated telephone line,
  • forwarding calls to another phone number,
  • receiving phone calls by a professional assistant or assistant (to be agreed),
  • providing information regarding the company's offer,
  • forwarding information about received calls,
  • dedicated fax number,
  • forwarding incoming faxes to a designated e-mail address.
  • a friendly and confidential atmosphere of cooperation.

Meeting room for hours

We offer our clients access to a fully equipped room (photocopier, scanner, printer, fax, high-speed wi-fi, flipchart, board) ideal for business meetings or training for 4-5 people.

Professional secretariat

  • We write letters, photocopy documents, send faxes and traditional mail
  • We are the reception of your company
  • We help to book a cheap plane, hotel or table in a good restaurant for a business lunch
  • We scan the correspondence and send it to the e-mail address indicated
  • We help with any other administrative and secretarial issues that are important to you in successfully running your business

Additional services

By choosing to use GroupEuroService services, you also get access to professional additional services in the areas of law, accounting and IT. And all at great prices.

We care about your success.

  • Low office and secretarial maintenance costs
  • Attractive location for business meetings
  • Everything you need - in one place
  • Complementary services
  • High standard of secretarial services
  • Discretion and convenience

We care about your success