We have created the conditions thanks to which entrepreneurs and their companies cooperating with us can increase profits by minimizing costs.
Adres rejestracyjny firmy, Adres wirtualny firmy, Adres siedziby firmy
Adres rejestracyjny firmy, Adres wirtualny firmy, Adres siedziby firmy
GroupEuroService offers a professional virtual secretariat - in Warsaw.
You can have a high-quality reception / secretariat for telephone contacts.
We provide full service to the fir secretariat,
as well as the administration of your company.
We guarantee contentment and flexibility through a wide range of services.


We like and understand our clients. Therefore, everyone can count on tailored services adequate to the needs and requirements. Thanks to this, we also ensure discretion, loyalty and high quality of our services and an appropriate, transparent and beneficial offer.
We provide support for incoming and outgoing correspondence, accounting and legal support. Everything - what you need to run a successful business.


We are a team of qualified specialists - experienced accountants, HR and payroll specialists, office assistants. We guarantee a professional approach and consultancy in the management and office service of the company. We are prepared for the challenges that you can assign to us. We'll meet everyone.


We accept simple and transparent rules of cooperation.
We support companies of all sizes, appreciating our reliability and professionalism, as well as expecting efficient and fast service.
Our package of outsourcing services allows you to effectively reduce the office service costs needed in any company to a minimum.
What is a virtual office
A virtual office is a kind of e-office. A virtual office allows you to effectively reduce the costs of setting up and running your own business in a selected location by renting a business registration address in a convenient location. Thanks to this, you do not have to pay for renting a fully equipped office and pay fees related to the employment of staff. You can register your activity at our address, significantly reducing the costs of doing business. Our clients have the right to register their business at a prestigious address in Warsaw, at al. John Paul II. They can use it in official correspondence or contacts with their clients and suppliers. Our company, GroupEuroService, was founded to become your subcontractor and provide services related to full service of your office for an incomparably lower price.
The advantages of a virtual office in Warsaw
A real reduction in the costs of running a business

We will allow you to focus on the development of your company, we take care about rest.

Outsourcing: company office services

  • Low costs of maintaining a company office
  • Attractive registration address for the company
  • Correspondence address
  • Office for hours
  • Excellent location of the company's headquarters
  • Needed services in the same place Professional service
  • Discretion and trust

We care about your success