Audit of correctness of tax settlements

We provide an independent review of tax settlements to budgetary institutions. The audit is carried out by highly qualified specialists who cooperate with offices on a daily basis.

Thanks to the tax audit, we give an opportunity to minimize the financial risk associated with tax settlements and to limit the areas of operation at high risk in settlements with tax authorities.

Optimization of tax settlements

We conduct a tax audit in the scope of:
  • settlements of tax on goods and services
  • settlements of corporate income tax
  • settlements of tax on civil law transactions
  • and other

The tax audit is completed with a report including:

  • analysis of risks related to tax settlements
  • proposals to eliminate the threats

In addition, we offer monitoring service over the course of the implementation process of correct solutions related to tax settlements and their functioning.

The information entrusted to it is completely confidential and the audit recommendations have a definite impact on improving the financial situation of entrepreneurs.

Prepare for checks before it's too late.

  • Reliable and objective assessment of the facts
  • Guidelines for correcting irregularities
  • Everything you need - in one place
  • Complementary services
  • Discretion and convenience

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