Audit of settlements with employees

We carry out personnel and payroll audit, the purpose of which is to verify the correctness of settlements with employees and to eliminate irregularities related to settlements with budgetary units.
At the same time, the audit allows you to optimize your employment policy and, as a result, allows you to release funds and use them for other purposes. An indisputable advantage of such a review is the systematization of HR and payroll issues, which often avoids disputes between the employer and the employee.

HR and payroll audit

HR and payroll audit may apply to all matters or selective processes:

  • review of concluded agreements with employees
  • an overview of the correctness of remuneration calculations and other allowances (settlement of a delegation)
  • verification of personnel records of employees in accordance with the Labor Code
  • correctness of keeping records of working time
  • correctness of making a declaration to ZUS and the Tax Office

As part of the audit, a report is prepared in which the following are indicated:

  • risks that carry irregularities
  • our recommendations, which are aimed at reducing or eliminating the risk associated with irregularities.

Cooperation with a team with many years of experience is invaluable in optimizing the company's human resources policy. In cooperation, we provide full discretion.

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