Audit of business processes

We audit business processes in a business entity, which is a description of business relationships. The audit is prepared by a group of independent specialists.
The factual overview allows to systematize the existing procedures in the company. Analysis of individual processes allows to identify and assess the risks associated with running a business.

Audit of business processes

  • review of purchasing processes and cooperation with suppliers
  • review of sales and customer service processes
  • review of company administration processes
  • review of document flow processes
  • review of other processes related to the specifics of the company's operations.

The result of this type of audit is a report including a record of the actual state and guidelines for its possible correction. The report after the audit is also a direct signpost for managers and is useful in accurate and documented making further business decisions.

The audit report is aimed at:

  • describe processes
  • assess the risk
  • indicate ways and methods of risk management

Audit of business processes is support for managers in making strategic decisions related to the entirety of the enterprise.

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