Establishment of companies, branches and representative offices in Poland

We comprehensively process the creation of a company in various legal forms, as well as branches and representative offices both in Poland and abroad. We advise in choosing the optimal legal form of the future business. Our knowledge supported by many years of experience allows us to find a solution to individual needs.
We take into account a number of aspects, in particular the specifics of future business, legal aspects and tax burdens resulting from Polish and international law.

Service establishment of companies, branches and representative offices

  • identification of needs and advice in the selection of the optimal legal form
  • preparation of the company's articles of association and statutes as well as other necessary corporate documents related to the functioning of the entity being created
  • preparation of documents for establishing a company, branch or representative office
  • preparation of veters (if required)
  • registration of the entity in the register of entrepreneurs and other registers and offices (ZUS, Statistical Office, Chamber of Commerce and others)
  • support in activities related to the preparation of the unit from the formal and legal side to the start of operations, in particular in the scope of obtaining the necessary licenses, permits and licenses
  • customer training in the field of law and practices and principles adopted for the functioning of the created unit
We support young entrepreneurs - making their first steps in business - as well as experienced people who create new entities.

We help introduce foreign entities to the Polish market, as well as accompany the expansion of Polish entities to foreign markets. Our international e-services in the field of creating business entities in other countries are carried out in cooperation with our partner Grant Thornton.

Establishment of individual business and partnerships

  • preparation of the application in CEIDG
  • preparation of contracts for civil partnerships
  • business registration in CEIDG
  • registration in the Central Statistical Office (Regon), Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office (Tax Identification Number, VAT, VAT-EU)
  • help in the administrative organization of a new company

Establishment of capital companies

  • preparation of an individual company agreement
  • organization of a meeting with a notary public
  • company registration in the National Court Register
  • company registration in the Central Statistical Office (Regon), Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office (Tax Identification Number, VAT, VAT-EU)
  • support in the company's administrative organization

  • Complete service in one place
  • Complementary services
  • Professional business consulting
  • A team with experience and knowledge
  • Discretion and trust

We care about your success