HR and payroll services for employees

We provide standard HR and payroll services that can be extended to include supervisory functions, i.e. the financial director responsible for staff and payroll settlements.

Handling settlements with employees is carried out by a team of certified accountants and HR and payroll specialists in our company GroupEuroService FK.

Payroll service

  • keeping personal employees' files in accordance with the provisions of Labor Law
  • keeping an individual record of working time
  • preparing employee payrolls
  • settlement of sick leave
  • drawing up the remuneration lists of members of the supervisory board / management board
  • settlement of civil law contracts
  • settlement of tax and social security contributions of employees, including the preparation and submission of appropriate settlement declarations
  • preparing and providing RMUA information for employees
  • contacts with the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution in the field of employee settlements
  • preparation of annual tax settlements of employees (PIT-8/11, PIT-40)
  • keeping settlements with PFRON
  • advice on employee matters

Human resources

  • preparation of necessary documents related to the procedure of employing and firing employees
  • registration and de-registration of employees at ZUS
  • keeping personnel documentation (personal files)
  • accounting for holidays and other breaks in the performance of work
  • issuing work certificates
  • organization of health and safety trainings

HR and payroll supervision

  • representing in contacts with tax offices and ZUS
  • audit of personnel and payroll documentation
  • receipt of documents from the client

Our accounting office

Accounting services are provided by a team of certified accountants in our company GroupEuroService FK.

We provide legal security, tax and accounting

  • Orderly and correct personnel and payroll documentation with employees and contractors
  • High quality outsourcing of HR and payroll services
  • Control procedures guaranteeing the correctness of our services
  • Full accounting service in one place
  • Complementary services
  • Professional service
  • Discretion and trust

We care about your success