Accounting office

We provide accounting services in a manner tailored to your expectations. Each client uses an individually selected range of services that meets real needs, which provides him with security and comfort so that he can concentrate on the development of the company - from opening to liquidation.

  • Accounting service is conducted on an ongoing basis thanks to the electronic exchange of information
  • Archiving documents and access to archives online
  • A program to issue invoices for office clients
  • Electronic communication with clients' banks
  • Access to basic accounting data 24/7
  • Possibility to issue invoices on behalf of clients and deliver them to contractors

Trading books

  • bookkeeping
  • keeping records and VAT settlements
  • creating individual account plans
  • preparation of cash reports
  • preparing tax settlements PIT, CIT, and VAT
  • preparation of statistical reports
  • preparation of balance sheets and annual tax settlements

Tax Book of Revenue and Expenditure

  • keeping a book of revenues and expenses
  • keeping records and VAT settlements
  • preparation of PIT and VAT tax settlements
  • preparation of annual tax settlements

Accounting supervision

Supervision services over the internal accounting, HR or payroll department carried out by the chief accountant with the professional certificate of the Minister of Finance and the chief specialist in human resources and payroll.

  • sporadic verification of the work of the accounting department, control of the correctness of tax settlements, ongoing telephone consultations of employees in the above-mentioned department
  • monitoring the work of the accounting department.
  • checking accounting documentation.
  • preparation of tax declarations and annual financial statements.
  • activities similar to the financial director's responsibilities by working together with the company's management in developing the accounting and / or HR and payroll department, internal reporting and tax optimization of the client's business operations

Accounting consultancy

  • information on changes in tax regulations that may affect your business
  • advice on self-employment
  • consultations on starting or closing a business

Our accounting office

Accounting services are provided by a team of certified accountants in our company GroupEuroService FK.

We provide legal security, tax and accounting.

  • Full accounting and accounting service in one place
  • Complementary services
  • Professional service
  • Discretion and trust

We care about your success